Xoxo day

Every city in this world is unique, with the people making them different. It’s the culture & the arts, the dance forms, the landscape, the rejuvenation styles, the work-life, the trade & the commerce, authentic food, modern outlook, agriculture, passionate people, the heritage sites, the adopted culture, the communities etc. that render them their uniqueness. The true flavor of this uniqueness is carved out ‘by the people and for the people’. Experiences manifest and evolve when people drive this change.

With Xoxoday, anyone as an individual or a venture owner can host an experience for guests (experience seekers) and help facilitate consumer search with the inclusion of unique offerings. For instance, if you’re an artist, you may host arts and craft experiences; if you are an adventurer, you may host adventure games and experiences; if you’re a dancer, you may host dance forms; if you’re a city guide, you may host a landscape and countryside tour, if you’re a therapist, you may host rejuvenation experiences; if you’re a local cook, you may host an authentic meal, and so on.

Xoxoday has built a platform that enables hosting of authentic experiences and makes them available for guests to explore and book on the go. Xoxoday has been able to build a community of 5,000+ hosts, selling around 10,000+ experiences globally. We’ve served 200,000+ guests so far and are available on the Web, Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (App Store). We also serve to 800+ Small & Large Enterprises who use our experiences to delight their employees, client and channel partners.

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